” . . . needless to say, it will have a great soundtrack.” 

“Country Club:  How a gaggle of guitar-plucking Virginians inspired a thoroughly modern movie”  TANK magazine, London, UK


“details on My Fool Heart are as rare as hen’s teeth . . .”  

“Strange and Wonderful Things Happen:  Interview with ‘My Fool Heart’ Writer-Director Jeffrey Martin”  Twang Nation


No Depression: The Roots Music Authority


” . . .  the film boasts an impressive roster of guest appearances by legendary performers, including Charlie McCoyWayne Henderson, and Jesse McReynolds.”

“My Fool Heart Starring Jim Waive Gets a Long Awaited Screening”

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My Fool Heart is a music-packed picture about life, love, and loss– and the cruel nexus between the top and the bottom of the music world and how nobody really knows where they stand.”

“New Indie Flick Packed with Country Music”